Ice cream and frozen dessert training may seem like a fun 3 to 5 days of making and eating ice cream and learning about the business, but it is more than that: much more.

Our courses are designed to be a “franchise course for independents”, where students learn the theory and business principles of success and then couple them with a hands-on experience like no other course.  Over the past 12 years, Steve Christensen, (the self-appointed headmaster of Scoop School) has had over 1200 students graduate from his courses and has taught as well over 10,000 people the blueprint to success in the ice cream and frozen dessert world. 

We welcome you to attend Scoop School in St Louis Missouri and know it will be a solid foundation for your entry and growth into the exciting world of retail and wholesale ice cream and frozen desserts.

Our Courses

Standard 3-Day Course

A three-day course teaching you about all things ice cream, frozen desserts, and the business of tasty frozen treats. Great information for newbies & industry veterans

Masterclass Owner’s Course

Learn the in’s and out’s of running a successful frozen dessert business.  How do successful ice cream connoisseurs make it?  We’ll teach you in our Owner’s Masterclass.

Custom Classes

Design a custom class with as much theory or lab time as you need. This class can focus squarely on the development and growth of your concept with your required theory/hands on balance.

Class Schedule

Click on the dates to register for your place in one of our Scoop School Classes

Course Pricing


           Masterclass Owners Course                    $875.00

            Standard Frozen Dessert Course            $895.00

Custom Classes Multiple Attendees (per day)   $1295.00 

Please note that 2020 class price increases are effective 1 Jan 2020. 
Masterclass course price 2020 will be $895.00.

Standard Frozen Dessert Course pricing for 2020 will be $995.00.                   Custom Classe 2020 pricing will be $1395.00

Book your class seat in 2019 to avoid the 2020 price increace.


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